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How To Improve Your Relationship, Pt 2 (Full Service) feat Vincent Price.

February 20, 2021 Peter Laws Season 2 Episode 4
Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast
How To Improve Your Relationship, Pt 2 (Full Service) feat Vincent Price.
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How To Improve Your Relationship , Pt 2, (Full Service) 
Season Two - Episode Four

We conclude series on how to improve our love relationships...not just the romantic ones! So please don't be put off this service if you are single or uninterested in Amore. For it remains relevant to us all!

Rupert starts the service by sharing some worrying news about the recent children's trip to the Poltergeist of the church children have gone missing. Then it's happier news when local thespian Vincent Price treads on our church boards...but why is he so tetchy and it simply because Rupert is not communicating his appreciation in the most effective manner?

After this, we are delighted to say 'How Do' to Carolyn, who shares our Bible reading tonight. She comes all the way from the Green Man Inn, in the prettiest place to sacrifice a policeman...Summerisle.

Peter then talks to us about how he and his wife learned a nifty way to express love to one another in a meaningful way. After that, there's a Bladerunner style meditation, to help you focus and reflect.

To conclude our two-service exploration of love, the band lead us in a strident new number called, 'I Can't Get This Damn Love Thing Right...I Can't Take It...I Hate It.' Ho ho. 

Our service concludes with a stirring of activity from the analogue TV set that Tangina the medium set up, to search for the missing Carol Ann...but what crawls from the set does NOT look like a little girl. 

Thank you for coming to our wonderful church, you are most welcome here!

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1. Intro
2. Main Title Theme
3. Welcome One and All!
4. What's Happenin' Lord? (Feat. Vincent Price)
5. Bible Reading by Carolyn, from Summerisle
6. Sermon 'How To Improve Your Relationship, Pt 2'
7. Prayer and Meditation (Bladerunner Style)
8. Song - 'I Can't Get This Damn Love Thing Right'
9. Thanks for Coming! (Who is crawling from the TV?)
10. Outro