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S2 Ep9 Is God Male? (Sermon Only)

May 01, 2021 Peter Laws Season 2 Episode 9
Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast
S2 Ep9 Is God Male? (Sermon Only)
Show Notes

Is God Male?
Sermon Only Edition
Season Two - Episode Nine

Please note that this is the SERMON ONLY version of this episode which gets straight to the sermon (+ a meditation and song).  For the FULL SERVICE, which includes all the horror and comedy drama elements, click

In this service, our guest speaker Clare Cockerill  looks into the most intriguing question: 'Is God Male?' Then, after a time of meditation, it's over to our church band, for this week's Horror Hymn. This one's called 'Blender' and looks at how horror movies have sometimes been both forward thinking (and backward) when it comes to gender stereotypes.

Finally, Rupert comes to Peter with his phone on speaker...for he has managed to contact the filthy, evil Xenemorph who invaded the Nostromo. But why is he so dang sweet and friendly?

All that is left is to wrap up the service and that's that. Thanks again for coming to our wonderful church on the peak!

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