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S3 Ep 3 'Why Forgiving Your Enemies Makes Weird Sense' - Part 1 (FULL SERVICE Feat Freddy Krueger & Jason Voorhees)

August 28, 2021 Peter Laws Season 3 Episode 3
Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast
S3 Ep 3 'Why Forgiving Your Enemies Makes Weird Sense' - Part 1 (FULL SERVICE Feat Freddy Krueger & Jason Voorhees)
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Why 'Forgiving Your Enemies' Makes Weird Sense' - Part 1
Full Service feat Freddy Krueger & Jason Voorhees
Season Three - Episode Three

Welcome to Creepy Cove Community Church! If this is your first time, we forgive you for your heinous neglect...that's because forgiving your enemies actually makes some sense (even though it can also feel like naive insanity!) In this service we explore this topic with zest!

Our Church Administrator Ruper Donk opens proceedings with a surprising (and shocking) new seating plan. Then, he shares some exciting news about Mrs. Kitner's filthy sink hole that she has filled with water to enable locals to swim. Mrs Kitner lost her son Alex in an INCREDIBLY BLOODY demon shark attack last year. So she's providing alternative swimming opps for those too frightened of a beach dip. 

Then it's over to an incredibly historic moment. For tonight, notorious, local mortality botherers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger have agreed to lay down their machete and knife glove - for they are coming together in a special 'Forgiveness & Reconciliation' Ceremony. It's a new day, and we are hopeful that it will all go as planned and the two rivals will be bowling together with laughter, soon. 

Then, after a Bible reading from little, haunted Annabelle it's over to our minister Peter Laws who will talk to us about the topic: 'Why Forgiving Your Enemies Makes Sense'. To be honest, it doesn't make a lot of sense, so we will be intrigued to see where he goes with this particular homilie. 

After a moment of eerie prayer and meditation (based on the work of a writer called Corrie Ten Boom*), we hand over to a talented singer songwriter called Nathaniel Orr with his moving song: 'Have It Your Way'. “Nate is a singer-songwriter based in South Wales and is currently learning how best to serve career artists in their work. He trusts that God will teach and guide him to better understand the wounds in the art world and play a small part in helping to bring God’s healing.”

Tonight's topic can be a challenging one for many of us, and for those of us who have been hurt deeply, the idea of loving our enemies can understandably feel foolish or even cruel. We hope that the service does not pressure you in any sort of naive way, but rather we hope it might give some pointers for how your life might be improved. And if it's not for you, ignore it at your leisure!

Thank you for attending our windswept church on the peak!

*Note: Corrie Ten Boom did not write the hit 90s song Boom, Boom, Shake, Shake the Room. The actual scribes of that pop hit were none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. 

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1. Intro and Main Title Theme
2. Welcome One and All!
3. Exciting News from Mrs Kitner
4. Freddy & Jason: Forgiveness and Reconciliation Ceremony
5. Bible Reading from little, haunted Annabelle.
6. Sermon 'Why 'Loving Your Enemies' Makes Weird Sense
7. Prayer and Meditation (Based on Corrie Ten Boom's Nazi Guard Story)
8. Song 'Have It Your Way' by Nathanael Orr
9. Thanks for Coming! (Jason Defecates on Freddy's Car!)
10. Outro