Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast

S3 Ep5 'How Do I Know What is True?' (feat Eleven from 'Stranger Things')

September 25, 2021 Peter Laws Season 3 Episode 5
Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast
S3 Ep5 'How Do I Know What is True?' (feat Eleven from 'Stranger Things')
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'How Do I Know What Is True?'
Full Service feat Eleven from Stranger Things
Season Three - Episode Five

Welcome to the worlds only (as far as we know) horror themed church service. You are most welcome, no matter what your belief.

Tonights service opens with a little humour from our Church Administrator Rupert Donk. But will his japes tickle the funny bone, or prompt folks to walk out in disgust? After he finds out, he shares some news about local KAB Radio DJ Stevie Wayne who needs a little help at her lighthouse radio station up at Spivy Point. Stevie even sticks around to deliver our Bible reading tonight, too, in her smooth jazz, radio voice.

Our special guest is local psychic pipsqueak, Eleven, who will be telling us all about a new workshop she'll be leading at the church on E.S.P. It's called 'Mind How You Go!' Do GO to it.

After Stevie Wayne shares the Bible story, we are then joined by a special guest speaker. Jonny Mellor is one of the leaders at a church in Birmingham. He’s a hip hop artist and works helps run Sputnik Faith and Arts, which is a network of Christian artists.

The multi-talented Mellor then tilts his speaking mike on a slightly funkier angle, so he can spit out some bad-assed ryhmes, for is also a 'rap artiste', who brings us this week's Horror Hymn...'Truth Machine'

After that, Peter has a brief altercation with Stevie (bitter about her ex) Wayne and then it's the end of the service. Thanks for coming! 

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1. Intro & Main Title
2. Welcome One and All!
3. Interview - Eleven from 'Stranger Things'
4. Bible Reading from Stevie Wayne of KAB Antonio Bay
5. Sermon 'How Can I Know What Is True?'
6. Prayer and Meditation
7. Song - 'Truth Machine' by Jonny Mellor
8. Thanks for Coming (Including an altercation with Stevie 'I hate my ex' Wayne
9. Outro