Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast

S3 Ep 7 'Dealing With Rejection' Part 2 (FULL SERVICE feat Father Paul from Netflix's 'Midnight Mass'

October 23, 2021 Peter Laws Season 3 Episode 7
Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast
S3 Ep 7 'Dealing With Rejection' Part 2 (FULL SERVICE feat Father Paul from Netflix's 'Midnight Mass'
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Welcome to another fine service here at Creepy Cove Community Church. The only horror themed church on the planet...surely?

This is the FULL SERVICE...if you just want the 'sermon/ talk' then check out the SERMON ONLY VERSION next to this one. 

Rupert Donk opens tonights service with some devastating news about the churches coffee machine...the poltergeist has struck once again! Then we have a very special guest who takes the stage for an interview...yes, we hear from the lovely Father Paul Hill who is taking over from Monsignor Pruitt over on Crockett Island.  Father Paul is heading off to Crockett tomorrow, so he has joined our humble church to draw some spiritual inspiration from our congregation.  But will he make it through the interview without collapsing? 

In the interview, he and Rupert discuss how moist Monsignor Pruitt's armpits are, and how this 'unpleasant' bodily feature has led to great wonders.

Next we are delighted to have our Bible reading from Lyssiah, who hails from the nearby town of Twin Peaks. After that Peter takes the stage to speak to us on the topic of Dealing With Rejection...sharing a few times he has struggled with rejection himself...but we learn how it does not have to define us. 

After a Crockett Island themed prayer and meditation, it's over to Father Paul again who turns out to be a most talented troubadour. For he sings a little self-penned ditty for us about his new role at St Saviours on Crockett. A full on cheese fest song called 'I Feel Okay'.

Finally, Rupert and Peter discuss the challenges of toe-tapping and maritime drinks before retiring to the bar.

And that completes another pleasant and hopefully encouraging service from the windswept church on the peak. 

We very much hope you enjoyed your time with us...thanks for coming!

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1. Intro & Main Title
2. Welcome One and All!
3. Interview - Father Paul Hill from Midnight Mass (Netflix)
4. Bible Reading from Lyssia
5. Sermon 'Dealing with Rejection Pt 2'
6. Prayer and Meditation (Based on Midnight Mass - Netflix)
7. Song - 'I Feel Okay'
8. Thanks for Coming (Peter and Rupert Discuss Toe Tapping and Maritime Drinking)
9. Outro